Does Your BFF Know You Better Than Your Significant Other?


– I just want people to prove their love for me. We met in December. We’ve been dating five months. – It’s been about a year. – We’ve been dating for two and a half years. – We met working at BuzzFeed – My friend TA’d her class and I was like, “Yo, who’s the blonde?” – We joined a gay bowling league, – [Woman] Which I am also. (laughs) – We’ve known each other two years? – Two years. – But it feels like a life time. – We’ve known each for about a year. – Almost four years. – I thought we’d went to camp together but we hadn’t. – I thought we were dating but we weren’t. – We met through work. – I was the only one in the whole entire play that knew he was actually gay. Like, he wasn’t out yet. – Cockapoo, cause that’s what my dog is. – I put Hannah dog. – A Hannah dog… – That’s what that is. – And I said my dog Hannah. – [Morgan] Hannah! – I didn’t even know (buzzer sound) you had a dog. – Wrong. – What? – A Scotty?

A miniature schnauzer. – Ew. – But you gave away the miniature schnauzer that you had. – Wheadon terrior (yells) – [Dan] I siad non-shedding terrier, English? – My mom! – Parents. – Parents. (laughs) – Oh yeah! – [Kelsey] What, wait? – [Bryan] Yeah! (laughs) – Fancy is my mom. – Oh! – I got it! – I put me. (laughs) That’s so awkward. (laughs) – Bette Midler? – That’s what I was gonna put. – Oh I would do him. – Who the hell is Matt Bomer? – J-Law. – Ok, I respect that. – Dude, I was… – Ok, I’m not even kidding, ScarJo was up there. – Miles Teller! – Toby MacGuire. – What? (laughs) – I said making people laugh. – Aw, I put joy. – I wrote funny. – Listening. (laughs) – I put jokes. – I put legs. – I said I see the good in everything and everyone. – I said you care abut everyone else. – He has a big heart. – I thought you were gonna write, “He has a big dick.” – Cream. – Cream! I slap cream on. – [Man] Boom! Instead of just like applying moisturize like this, – Yep, yep. – She fills it in her hands, handfuls, and goes like this. – [Gaby] Yep! – I like always do my hair or I wear a hat. – [Morgan] Boom and boom.


Hair, hair and hair. – I should’ve got hair! – Always fixing your hair. – Ok, also that’s very true. I get on Justin all the time cause he walks in late every day. (laughs) – I cross my fingers cause when somebody’s talking I don’t want to interrupt them. – Yeah, so you go like this. – [Man] So I cross my fingers – [Woman] So you remember what you’re sasying. That’s your ritual. – [Bryan] It is. – Being late! – What’d you write? – [Dan] Lying or not going to bed by 10pm. – Oh I wrote shoes in the house or on stuff. – I said people who are fake. I just hate when we’re like… – Oh, loud people. – Loud people. – And then people chewing with their mouth open. – Yeah those are both true. – [Morgan] He hates that. (laughs) – Somebody who’s over… – Oh cocky! – Yeah. – Got it! – Cocky people? – I can’t stand that.

I actually can’t stand… – Cocky people are mean. – I didn’t know that. – Are you kidding me? Half of our fights are because you’re late. – I’m the most confident person I know. – I know and I see through it. – I’m glad that the games was so close. – [Gabby] Yeah. – Between Gabby and I. That way I don’t feel like a terrible boyfriend and Gabby doesn’t have to feel like a bad friend. – Yeah. – We just both kind of average. (laughs) acquaintances of Alex’s. – I’m taking back our BFF necklaces. (laughs) – I feel so much love right now. I got my crew right here.

Aw, here’s your thumbnail. – Aw. – This is bullshit. – You can’t be embarrassed. – I stll don’t think this is right. I still know you better, what’s his favorite ice cream? Wrong, it’s frozen yogurt. (laughs)

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