How To Get Your Girlfriend To LOVE YOU More


Heya playa, are you in somewhat of a new relationship with a girl and you want to figure out how to make your girlfriend like you more? Well, that’s exactly what Adam asked me when he said: “How do I get my girlfriend to like me more because I feel like she kind of likes me?”. Well, that “kind of” likes you part is the thing we’re going to talk about today. How to get her from kind of liking you to almost certainly liking you. This is The Josh Speaks.

You’re watching The Josh Speaks. For those of you that are new here, my name is Josh and every single Monday through Friday I make videos sharing tips, ideas and stories teaching you how to be your best self. And when you’re starting a new relationship, it can be kind of awkward because you don’t really know that person all that well. You might find it easier to text them, or to send them messages on Snapchat or Instagram but really the face to face interaction is what you need to work on if you really want to make that relationship grow.

One thing I would recommend doing if you do message each other a lot, try to talk in those messages and set up plans to meet up in person. You can do it as easily as saying something like “hey, I have a really funny story I want to tell you so meet me after lunch / meet me after school so I could share it.” And when the two of you meet up, share that story and share other stories from your life. You can even ask them about things you’ve already talked about because hearing it in person is a whole different experience. When the two of you are finally able to move that conversation piece to happen in person, don’t be afraid to take it to the next stage. Be more physical by putting your arm around her holding her hand and even going for a kiss from time to time.

If you really want to get her on board to have those deeper feelings for you, then you’re gonna have to display that confidence. She’s gonna need to see it in person when you’re around her. Always communicating through text and sending a thousand messages that say “I love you” is ok, but nothing beats making eye contact with the person. Sitting together, holding each other, smiling, and really getting close enough to flirt like that. Along with working on your in-person communication, really try to show her that you’re invested in learning a lot more about her.

Ask her about her hobbies, her interests, how her day went, what her fears are, what her hopes are, and really try to be there to listen to her to show her that you truly care. The more curious and interested you are in the things going on in her life, the easier it’s going to be for her to open up to you, to share things with you, to communicate and to feel way more comfortable. Not to mention if you toss in flirting and joking and teasing with her day to day, she’ll really start to feel like you’re someone she can bond with.


And once she gets that feeling, it’ll be way more easier for her to develop stronger feelings. Overall the way you get your girlfriend to truly truly like you is to be that confident person she wants to be around. You want her to look at you with admiration, to look at you and say “Yeah, that’s my boyfriend.

He’s cool, he’s fun and I’m happy to be with him.” If you act too shy and nervous all the time then she’s also going to feel shy and nervous and the two of you are really going to separate more than you connect. On average it boils down to a pretty simple equation, the more confident you are in your relationship, the more confident she’ll be about the relationship. But the more nervous you are in your relationship, the more nervous she’ll be about it. What do you think though, do you feel like you have the confidence to put on display to help get your girlfriend or potential future girlfriend to like you more?

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On that note, as always love and peace.

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