see this is my grandmother’s house and this is so like side country and see i’m bigger than the door okay by the way last night i did live streaming with my girlfriend Hattie huh and she was like so sad about live streaming because i actually built it up something Because i said my grandmother was not very uh i will just show you the video Last night Jin and Hattie’s insta Live He just told her that the grandma was not really supportive to our relationship. Jin built it up a whole thing Did you see the video!? in the instagram live streaming and actually my grandmother and my family here were super supportive about our relationship and they really loved her and they also watched youtube video about us and they really wanted to see her so i will probably invite her to this old house like when we have time by the way i thought this was gonna be really good revenge to her i could do revenge is this too mean!? no i think it’s good to say it after this that they are really supportive about her by the way i will go back to Seoul today we’ll see Grandma! ummm You know my girlfriend Hattie How do you think about her? I really think it’s really good. You don’t judge at all!?

Why !? of course not. She is very pretty too Okay i will tell her about it! okay guys i went back to the house at her house. and i’ll just tell her that wait first of all i need to hide the camera and yeah i will just tell her tell her my grandmother was not really supportive at all and they were really concerned but my family was not supportive with her we’ll see she’s in the toilet oh my god this is such a perfect place babe do we need some by water? Yeah kiss me i just want to tell you something that like my grandmother was very supportive why? because you know as you know like korean old parents and very like conservative and she was obviously old Korean and she hate foreigners…

Why? so she doesn’t like me when i’m dating a foreigner and she doesn’t want me to marry with foreigner. she is just supportive for Korean girls i’m not korean but i’m very sorry .. i can i will try to What am i gonna do..? You are not gonna date with me anymore? no change no no no oh my god bro i was just like oh what can i do so i was a bit sad so what do we do oh my god why are you gonna cry? i’m just i’m just telling you what happened don’t cry i just told you what happened. why does not she like me ? she’s never met me yeah but i just told you like But i am really cool! I know but as Korean mind.. it is just.. Hard to get over it. But i am really cool..?


I know you are cool! but.. apparently my grandmother’s not cool but she’s really cute though but she was just saying like we cannot marry what if she judges also we cannot marry sorry should i care? But it is the part of my family! so.. Yea but it is your life. and you love me yeah but she was not very supportive she was strongly not supportive of us well she’ll have to meet me because i’m really great it’s up to you Jin i think we should not marry when my grandmother is not supportive i decided..because she is..

For real? Really? You’re not gonna marry me? well let me explain yeah if you’re gonna buy some stock for example then they also have a like huge percentage of the stock right so my grandmother is kind of that big supporter no she’s a big stakeholder in our future? no no no no no no don’t get in that way like i’m just saying she’s also a big supporter so it’s gonna affect… my decision You know what? Go off then.

Get off then from my house piss off! get out because if your grandma isn’t supportive and that affects how you’re going to date me in our future then piss off oh my god my family could tell me not to date you but i love you so i would date you my family could tell me not to marry you but i love you so i would marry you maybe your grandma doesn’t care then you can’t i’m serious Jin. baby baby baby this is this is prank this is prank this is prank this is prank this is prank this is prank this is prank this is prank this is not funny prank this is our future Cleo is my saver. you’re just like at the moment she’s not talking to you are you Cleo? Cleo? Hattie? don’t ignore me i don’t like you today what you mean!? you’re a bad person baby the reason why i pranked you is because i just wanted to tell you my grandmother loves you so much but i’m really sorry that i just built it up the whole thing since yesterday night was really unhappy with you with me? oh my god okay let me just show you the video like she even told you i’m sorry see baby look at this video The video from with Jin’s grandma she said you’re so pretty Thank you grandma Love you You are so beautiful And Jin You are not beautiful oh my god okay this is Jin and hattie and i just wanted to tell her my whole family is supportive to you we can marry maybe i won’t say yes you

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