How to Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend?


It is amazing how the two of you made it this far. Looking back, it seems hard to believe how you went through all those dramas. Unfortunately, your relationship has finally ended. A sigh of relief and grief fills the air.

It makes you wonder, “How can I mend my broken heart?” Your girlfriend has shared the best years of your life. It is just sad to think that the relationship is over. You knew that this is coming but no one has ever told you about the pain that it caused. She is an amazing person but the break up has been finalized. You realized that it is about time to find a new girlfriend but the memory of her still lingers in your bed.

You could still relive the great sensual pleasures that you have shared with the girl who have broken your heart. You can’t help but to miss her golden hair, full chest, and her voluptuous curves. Right now, you have lost access to all of that. You heart has been broken to pieces when the decision has been finalized. You don’t want to go through the trials of dating again so you attempted to save the dying relationship.

Unfortunately, the gap between you and her has been so wide that your relationship is now beyond repair. You have a hard time believing that all these things are happening and then reality hits you mercilessly. Your bed remains the same but it seems bigger now. You want to get over your ex-girlfriend who has put you through this mess. You realized that in order to do so effectively, you will need a relationship advice for guys in order to make it through this ordeal.

Coping with a break up is not easy. How can you forget your ex-girlfriend whom you have grown attached to? She had made you happy at a certain point of your life. Remembering those happy moments makes you long for her even more. There is part of you who wished that things could have turned out different.

However, you have to face the facts and move on. Here are the ways on how to get over your ex-girlfriend: 1. Stop calling her on the phone. This is intuitive. If you are used to keep on calling your ex-girlfriend, you will need to stop calling on the phone.

Hearing her angelic voice will make you want her more. This yearning could be unbearable that it hurts. So do yourself a favor, avoid the unnecessary pain. 2. Face the facts. The break up is now final and it is a fact.

Choose to accept it so that you can move on with your promising life with someone new. If you have not accepted the fact that she is gone for good, how can you move forward? Be humble enough to be accountable with your mistakes if you are the one who is wrong.

The truth shall set you free. 3. Avoid talking to her. Communicating with her just after a break up is like putting vinegar into your fresh wound. How can you forget her when you keep on talking with your ex-girlfriend? Another reason for you to avoid talking with her is to avoid the awkward situation that you are not comfortable with.

Let the flames cool first before even considering in talking with her again. 4. Do some fun activities that could take your mind off her. After the break up, your mind is focused on her. You can’t help but think of the fun sexy things that you have done with her or the thoughts of revenge.


You have to divert your attention with the fun activities that you are bound to enjoy. 5. Hangout with other girls. For a very long time, you have spent your time with one girl. Now, you have an opportunity to mingle with other gorgeous girls who could potentially become your next girlfriend.

It is about time to give them a chance to prove to you that they can do better in loving you. 6. Learn to improve your attraction and seduction skills. Most men are afraid to break up with their girlfriends because of the fear of going through the dating scene again of which they are yet to master. You on the other hand, took your chances.

It is about time to learn the effective attraction and seduction techniques that are found in a reliable dating guide book. However, you should be reminded that reading dating guide books may not be enough. You still have to practice what you have learned. 7. Forgive her. After the unexpected break up, you are inclined to bear some grudges on her.

According to Buddha, “holding on to your anger is like holding a burning coal” If you plan to take a revenge on her because of the pain that she caused you, forgetting her will be harder than ever. So do yourself a favor, forgive her and move on with your promising life. 8. Don’t spy on her. Your ex-girlfriend has been attached to you for a very long time.

She has become a part of your system. You often find yourself wondering how she is doing. The urge to spy on your former love is inevitable. If you want to get over your ex-girlfriend, you need to resist the urge to spy on her.

9. Find a confidant. In bearing this burden of forgetting your ex-girlfriend, you might need some help. Find someone you can trust with your secrets.

Cry on his or her shoulder. Vent out your anxieties and fears with this person because a burden is much easier to carry if there are two people who are carrying it. 10. Avoid the thing and songs that could remind you of her. Your theme song when you were a couple was playing on the radio.

You can’t help to remember the wonderful times that you have. It makes you want to cry for hours because of what you have lost. The theme song and her pictures have become extensions of her. If you want to cope with the break up, avoid listening to your theme song and keep her pictures in the basement.

Breaking up with your ex-girlfriend is hard to do. However, you have to do your best in getting over her. These things happened because you probably deserve someone better. Someone who can see you as you are. A person who is in-love with what you actually are.

In order to make a transition from a previous relationship to a new fruitful romantic relationship, you will need a dating guide that can walk you through the challenges of coping with a break up. Acknowledging your current situation and informing yourself can help you to get over your ex-girlfriend with relatively less pain. If you are going through a break up right now, it is important to remember that as one door closes; another door will open for you.

May you be able to cope up with the break up.

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