7 Dirty Things To Say To A Girl That Turns Her On


This is Tripp from TrippAdvice.com. Welcome to a special presentation. Today we are talking about the dirty things to say to a girl. Yes, I have some lines that you can just copy and use when you’re talking dirty to a girl.

This is something that can be used in many different situations. The point of why I made this video is because you do need to learn the dirty things to say to a girl. You need to learn the dirty talk, you need to get a little bit introduction to it because girls love dirty talk. They like it, it turns them on.

One of the things that turns women on a lot is verbal seduction. They read a lot of those romance novels and they watch things like Twilight. Of course, I’m generalizing here, but a lot of women do really like that stuff.

A lot of it comes from the verbal side of things. Talking dirty to a girl is definitely a great skill to have because they get super turned on by it. In a second here, I’m going to give you the why and explain to you why this stuff works and when to use it, which I already did a little bit. We’ll go deeper into that.

I’m going to give you some prime examples that you can use, exact lines to say to turn a girl on. Before we get into that, I want to tell you about a new brand, unless you have this already, I think a few of you had it in you’re on my email list. If you’re not, I want you to get this top 10 texting mistakes. This is completely free, no charge.

Just go to this right here, click on the screen, or click on the description below.https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/drew-barrymore-got-stood-up-by-someone-she-met-on-raya/ It’s going to be a free video telling you about the top 10 texting mistakes and you can learn all about that. Basically teaching you what not to do, and what’s causing all the problems when you’re texting and not getting replies. Let’s move on to what’s the goal?

I always start off with what’s the goal because you need to understand why you’re doing this. Again, like I said earlier, it’s a way to be more sexual with a girl and turn her on. Dirty talk is super powerful. It’s going to help with turning a girl on when you guys are already getting intimate so understand that.

When you know that, it actually makes sense. We can’t just have you start saying these things out of the blue. These are very powerful statements and questions which you’ll see in a minute. There are rules. You got to do this when you know she likes you.For example, you’re not going to use one of these lines, going up to a girl in a bar, meeting a girl, wherever, that’s not gonna happen until you know when she likes you.

I have tons of videos explained to you when a girl is attracted to you, when she’s interested. Go check those out. You got to know that this is not for the very beginning.

This is for when you already know she’s attracted. Read this here, it’s meant to increase attraction, not to create it. Other videos on my channel teach you how to create attraction. This is meant to increase the attraction that is already there and make it more powerful. That’s why you need to learn dirty talk.

It increases the attraction, the bond and the chemistry between you and the girl. When do you start talking dirty? You can do it via text, you can do it over the phone, or you can do it when you’re in person, or when you guys are in the bedroom together, you guys are about to have sex, or maybe you’re already having sex. That’s the cool thing is, you can use this a lot. You can do it with texting, which is aka sexting.

I don’t want you to just text these things. I want you to also use this in person, can be even more powerful that way. Make sure that you definitely use it in all these little avenues, in all these mediums, texting over the phone, and definitely in person or in bed. Let’s get to it. Here’s the first one.

These don’t have much of an order. I get a little bit more intense as the text, or as these statements go on here on the text. You’re going to use these in various manners which I’ll go over right now. “I’ve been thinking about you all day…”This is going to turn her on, knowing her that you are thinking about her, aka you desiring her, which is a big turn on for women, which I talked about a lot of my videos.

That desire translates to her being turned on and being attracted to you so you can text this to her again. You can say this to her in person, maybe you’re like on a third or fourth date. By the way, there’s a little note here. I know that a lot of guys have been commenting recently on some of my stuff and saying, this is beta, this is stuff you can’t show her too much, you gotta be more mysterious, you can’t be too forward, you got to play it cool, we’re hearing from a lot of other pickup artists or other dating coaches those weird rules.

Let me tell you something. This stuff is going to help you in getting girls interested. Why?

Because this is you coming forward being a man, and not being nervous, or shy to share your sexual feelings with her, and to share your attraction with her. If you do this too soon, you do when she’s not attracted, it’s gonna come off beta, or it’s going to come of weak and all that stuff. When you know she’s attracted to you, that’s the point.

When you know she’s hooked on you. That is when you can start using a lot of this stuff that I say, to accelerate or increase the attraction. Don’t worry about this being too much or too over the top if you know that she likes you. That’s a little disclaimer here. “You’re a bad girl aren’t you?” That’s probably something that you would say in person. You can text that too.

I don’t know if you really say it over the phone, depending on the context, but you could be making out with the girl. You guys can be about to have sex, or about to fool around and you guys make an hour and you say, oh, you’re a bad girl aren’t you? I know this is kind of funny. It is a little cheesy. Let me tell you something.

There’s no way around this, of being cheese and not being cheesy. It’s all cheesy, but when you’re in the moment, you’re caught up in that bubble of desire, it’s going to work. It’s going to be awesome. She’s going to be into it.


Make sure you say it with confidence. If you say it scared, or you’re not sure about it, then it’s gonna come off weird and really cheesy. If you have a nice little coy smile, you say it with a deep voice, and try not to crack it, it’s going to come off awesome.

Here’s number three, “What turns you on the most?” This is something I would do more in person, or on the phone if you guys are talking. Again, don’t just say it out of nowhere. Build up over the conversation. You guys have been talking about sex, even talking about past relationships, or past people you’ve dated, something along those lines can be like, what turns you on the most?

Like you want to know. This is probably a better thing to say after you guys have been sexual, or you had sex, or you guys have fooled around. It does come too creepy if you guys haven’t been intimate yet. I would say this to her maybe after you guys have hooked up already.

That curiosity is going to turn her on. The fact that you’re curious on what pleases her, how she derives pleasure, “what turns you on the most?” will find that out. Also, this is great information.

You should know what turns her around the most because she’s going to tell you, and then you have to do that. Hopefully she responds, reciprocates and says, what turns you on the most? You gotta have an answer for that. Be very honest with her. Here’s the next one. “You’re turning me on so much right now…” You can text this, you could say this over the phone, but this is way more powerful in person.

When you guys are making out, like you’re on the couch, or you’re in bed, just tell her, you’re turning me on so much right now. Again, this is still something that you could text or sext, whatever, or when she’s doing something. You can also say this as a joke, like she start doing something very interesting, you can be sarcastic and say, you’re turning me on so much right now.

It acts like a joke, but also acts as a way to start dirty talk. “The things I’m going to do to you…” This is probably better over text, or maybe over phone. This is not so much something you want to do in person per se because this is a way to get her excited for when you guys finally do meet. Make sure you use this ellipses here, because when you use that, it creates more mystery.

You’re like you’re thinking about what you’re about to say them, but you’re holding them back. It builds this curiosity. Very sexy. Next one. “I’m going to make you scream tonight…” You could text this to her. You could say this to her over the phone if you’re going to see her.

This is powerful to say if you guys are on a date, you guys are hanging out, or eating some food, you’re not at each other’s places yet, and again this is probably better if you guys have already been sexual with each other. Not something you want to say if you haven’t broken that seal yet, or you guys haven’t hooked up yet, probably not right. But if you guys have already had sex, you like each other, it’s a great thing to say. You guys are eating dinner, this is something you can casually say to her.

I know that sounds creepy, if you are listening to it you may be like, oh my god, that sounds like you’re a serial killer. Obviously you’re not going to, that’s not the connotation. If you guys have already been on dates, and you guys have already had sex, it’s not going to come off that way. I promise. Let’s go to another one.

This might be the last one. “You’re so wet right now…” This is the only thing you could say to her. This is the only one I want you to say to her that has to be in person. You guys are in the middle of having sex, or you guys are hooking up, tell her she’s so wet right now.

That’d be equivalent to her saying to you, oh my God, you’re so hard right now. That probably turns you on. That turns her on, knowing that she is wet or that she is turned on, and that you like that. She wants to know that.

A lot of this is in delivery. You’re not going to be like, you’re so wet right now. Obviously, that is terrible. That is a big turnoff. You’re showing her that you’re disgusting.

No, it’s gotta be the opposite. You got to be like, you’re so wet right now… Like you love it. Just like that. That was a lot.

We went over some of those. If you want to learn more about texting and things to say, check out the top 10 texting mistakes right here on the screen or in the description so you can learn more about what not to say over text. Like I said, a lot of these, you can say over text message, but some of them, you want to say in person. Use your best judgement, see what works the best.

Don’t use it just for texting. Try to use this in person and be able to build the courage to start talking dirty to her. There you go. Go check this out. Hope this was awesome.

If you’re still with me, here’s what I want you to do. If you want another one of these, I got more awesome lines that you could use, we can take this even further. I can make another video.

All you gotta do is write in the comments, Tripp, I want more! That’s going to sound funny because it’s going to sound like you’re talking dirty to me. Hahaha! If I get at least 50 of those while this is released on the first day, I will make another one and you can learn more about how to talk dirty. There you go.

Check it out. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you on the next video.

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