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Hello you watching this shoot drink enough water have you followed Jessie page on insta I’m just trying to implement some self-care into your life. This videos gonna be really soft So I needed some meme energy to start it off So you watching this. I want you to take some time for yourself a host Have you I don’t know subscribe to Jessie page. Ah If you’re new and you’re not subscribed you’re probably really confused watch a few of my videos they weird humor It starts to make sense.

I promise My people get it. They’re like, yeah, this is normal here. You should subscribe. This is your reasoning Hi, I’m not wearing rainbow imposture Happy pride mine. I know I’ve been posting a lot of pride related content, but I’m feeling hella gay, haha so I decided for the guys the girls the non-binary pals as Thomas Anders would say I decided to supply the pride content I’m gonna start reacting because that’s why you watched the video, but I wanted to give a little background really quick I tried to wear a dark sweatshirt because I knew this video would be soft Thank you growing up.

I Really found myself through watching a lot of coming-out videos those videos were what motivated me to come out I knew I was there but I was like, I’m just gonna internalize this and Be mean to myself and I watch these videos and I heard stories about how people’s lives genuinely Improved after coming out and in my head I was like, how can my life be better? It was like I’m just gonna feel so much worse because there was so much horrible internalized hatred I had so much self-hatred If you’re watching this if you’re an ally and you’re like I just want to be educated and support hi I love you if you’re a daddy hi If you’re closeted, I was you a year ago. I’m hearing a very queer now I promise you anything is possible do everything once you feel safe and ready. Bye hi I love you, or if you’re out and you’re hella proud and you’re living your best life. Hi.

I love you I want to love to give oh, it’s getting too soft. Okay memes I asked you guys on Instagram Jessie P. I’m just talking at this little promo. Yeah. I’m trying to be professional youtuber guys I asked you guys which coming-out videos you Resonated with a lot and I wanted to react to those if you don’t know.

I recently released a Tarte palette and we donated $25,000 to The Trevor Project. Oh, I’m getting soft I found out about The Trevor Project when I was 14, I think because of a Tyler Oakley livestream So I believe there’s a lot of power in this how corny Belcore in my head Pride Month has cleared my skin suddenly. I’m wearing all the suits suddenly I want to get my ass tattooed rainbow who’s down Am I crazy? A lot of these coming-out videos are very personal and I want to give a lot of that to the original video So I’m gonna be including some clips with some very powerful statements because I respect these people a lot Okay.

So a lot of you guys were mentioning legend choices on yeah, that’s because it’s choice. Okay first off. He’s really tiny here Okay, Troye Sivan 18 at I’m the date. Today is August 7th 2013 And the reason I’m telling I do remember watching this what it was uploaded feel like a lot of you guys are like real genuine friends of mine and I Did the only thing I know how to do which is go on my laptop the laptop Questioning. It’s a thing watched a lot of videos If that sounded suggestive it wasn’t Unicorns puppy videos for people it’s really really really shit in the beginning, but don’t worry it gets better I’m here to say that that’s true because it will get better for everyone He does such a good job in this video of telling his story and making it personal but also making it more than just himself And I love that.

I love that so much It’s like very emotional over because I watch this I was a little but I haven’t watched this since I was young I just remember that was I took from this video like one of the major Stuttering nervous, it’s one of the like major things. I took from his video personally. Thank you so much Dehydrated, how is that relevant? What am I doing with my hands?

That was a whole mess and a half I mean, that’s what they say about me. Okay? So I had to just mention Elle Mills because what a legend That was just a moment of silence so that you realize her power.

It was just it entered the room came out of the closet elmo’s and I uploaded a video on ways to come out and I remember we filmed that video before I Posted my coming out and I was like, yeah I’m gonna do it soon and it took me like nine months after that Sarris bring it Yeah, that’s totally why I waited that long to post it. The gays will make mad excuses or me. At least I Remember see her in person And just telling her how amazing this video was and I’m sure a lot of you have seen it But if you have not I need to just bestow upon you What is that? I watched a lot of stranger things, but still upon you the power Well, don’t cry you make me cry I just accept you who you are. You know that right they asked for me.

I know Okay things the legend did in this video show coming out two friends showed a positive coming out to family Have a great cinematography as always overall just like literally an amazing short film made you laugh made you cry mad I haven’t pedaled those emotions since Big Time Rush’s together miss them. A lot of you guys were saying to react to Jodi song I know a lot of you guys have seen these but if you haven’t liked I love giving exposure to Incredible honestly resources like these are resources for people. It’s so cool The rainbow aesthetic normally I wear rainbows, okay Cute that’s so fun. I don’t watch this in a while to face legend.

Did Legend touch her my sexual eraser? probably hoped a lot of people come out and Made an awesome song. Can I be you? Alright, this is getting too soft again need to be tough with 3x one time stole my credit card for penguin Coins it’s a hard one to admit Preface I have not watched this video since since I uploaded it Who is this loser? I don’t know.

The only thing I would do is follow her an Instagram. Oh my god is so fun Why can’t I feel like the other professional youtubers are so good in it? Buy my merch like my pictures.


Look at this. Okay. Oh My god Wow all the hair colors I Mean I don’t who is this girl who would follow her and a gypsy trash her other Instagram? Okay, I would give myself props that was a hella cute backdrop Fun fact, I actually filmed the coming out to my mom video before I filmed this one I remember I had this whole setup for the coming out to my mom video and my mom already knew because I had tweeted and We like ahead briefly kind of mentioned it but I hadn’t like gone into detail about it And I totally asked her if it was okay to film a video just so you know Basically, we went more into depth for the video anyways I was hanging all this stuff up in the back and I felt like I was throwing a gay surprise party or a gay bar mitzva Sounds fun. I’m in this video was taken down for a while as well So I met Alec Benjamin at playlist live and he sent me his new song I heard it and I was like, oh I need to put this in my video I want people to love this song because I love it so much – and now it’s huge and he blew up as he should anyways then after that I got Copyright claimed not only copyright claims would normally wouldn’t matter but I was donating all that cents money to The Trevor Project so that kind of heard and I was still able to make some Hudson‘s money to donate which is so cool and so proud and also tart and I donated Anyways, it got taken down but then we stood up I’m too tall to do that.

Okay. This video has been too soft So now I need to bring some meme energy Crush culture to turn this damn it Oh my god, sorry the performance took a lot out of me Will you come out to my spine nails or even Going through this internal monologue where was constantly fighting with my own head which is Incredibly scary. I don’t want to get too soft So all I’m gonna say is I wish the Jesse filming this video. That was so nervous Knew that she would be filming a video like this with absolute confidence Last everyone wanted me to react to Daniel Howells coming out video I also want to preface this by saying I used to put whiskers on my face When I started YouTube a lot of you guys probably know this I made a lot of like din and Phil DIY videos It was really cute growing up my brother and I watched Dan and Phil’s videos for the two of us, especially him They just really helped us become more comfortable within ourselves Especially my brother. I feel like eternally grateful if that makes sense.

I just feel very grateful That was too soft Hannah. Montana is a great anime. I don’t know where that came from anyways I’m sure a lot of you guys have watched this but if you haven’t watched any of the amazing people That I featured in this video. Please send them all of the love.

So I did watch this already I actually watched all of them. Y’all are just me. You guys are me and I feel like just watch all the same people. I Will give you that adsense money. I will give it to you any day Hello Internet.

What is Dan? Sexuality you guys really like it when I curse because it sounds weird coming out of my mouth so I know y’all are gonna take this I sound like a tiny puppy trying to sound like a big dog the art by shitty watercolors Shitty what? Was so cool. I absolutely thought it was a really cool way to tell his story They have to know a we gonna Like could we or are you cuz I’m just wondering or people might just try and guess based on something you do or the way You act because yay stereotypes.

Let me tell you a queer little story about a boy named I wish I was that good at being able to be so funny and charismatic but also to talk about something so sensitive and personal and emotionally significant round of applause Someone muttering something racist say something do something Because if you’re still or silent the victim will just think that you are against yes watch this already, but I’m like, yes I support you I’m here. I’m queer and don’t worry. I’m still filled with existential fear Even though I’m at this current place there is still so much.

I’m afraid of and this has taken months Yes, there are so many good points. I’m gonna get into that in a bit but coming out never stops It’ll keep on happening as you meet new people Sometimes it’s still hard. My whole Instagram is rainbow, and it looks like I’m the most proud person on the planet But I still have my moments. I still feel weird going on dates in public I feel self-conscious and that’s what videos like this are.

So so so Important it was my arm workout for the day. You are valid it gets so much better Troye Sivan touched on that too. And I think that’s literally one of the most important and impactful things You can tell someone because I remembered from watching Troye Sivan Video that him saying it gets better was just something I remembered and kept in the back of my head I mean everything he’s saying is super impactful and the future is clear It’s pretty queer It’s clear unlike my skin so many things I loved it’s kind of a weird thing obviously for me it’s in a way smaller scale than his because he is a way bigger following but I remember when I posted my coming out video I had a lot a lot a lot of comments that were like we’ve been new and That would just be the comment and I understood and I wasn’t angry but it just was so hard To upload the video and it just it felt like it didn’t validate adjust how hard it was to be honest It was like we all knew it’s not a big deal, but it’s like maybe in my personal life.

It is a big deal He also went over a lot about bisexual erasure and that’s like really why I wanted to incorporate his video into this I felt like I wasn’t even worthy of making a coming out video because I thought people didn’t care as much about bisexuals But you can be proud of any label if I want to be like I have blue hair You know what? I’m gonna do it being bisexual or lesbian Or gay or trans no matter what label you identify as it doesn’t make you any less worthy of coming out It doesn’t make your coming-out experience any less important. It doesn’t mean you don’t experience difficulties sometimes those difficulties might be different like people that are bisexual deal with a lot of a lot of erasure which he very Eloquently, I love that word was touched on I am also so amazed by how he touched on so many sensitive topics in such a educated way things like sexuality and fluidity and Questioning all of these very very very very very complex topics when I posted my video I I would not have been able to and that’s so cool I really wanted to talk about this video because I feel like it’s really gonna help a lot of people in so many different ways I can see a person that’s not a part of the community Watching this not knowing a lot and then watching this and then becoming an educated ally because there’s so much good in for me Jhin in this yes He’s snapped defeated bisexual erasure educated on so many labels talked about acceptance in a relatable yet impactful way to his audience was very Sensitive to everyone. I love the final Avengers movie if I would have watched this video last year I know it would have made me feel very safe.

I Feel like that’s good word to use very safe in so many ways. Yeah, I know I’m posting a lot of pride content, but it’s just been one year since coming out and last Pride Month I didn’t get an experience it like this cuz they came out end of June at the end of pregnant So this Pride Month is really important to me. My skin is gonna clear. I promise I hope you enjoyed as so many of the people in this videos articulated. Hello, you’re important.

You’re valid. You’re loved your struggles They’re not easy and don’t invalidate them. Please be easy on yourself.

I Love You Man. I’m gonna feature your pages on the screen I’m Jesse page. They’re dressing pages.

Someone was saying we should call our fandom a book and then you guys are all those pages Hello pages, welcome to the book I make it sound lame and then your posts for freaking video, but I’m just really passionate gay rights. Okay. Bye

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