Author: Eve

Ellen Helps Reunite Long Lost Friends Who Reconnected on Twitter

[MUSIC PLAYING] [CHEERING] What? [LAUGHTER] 12 years ago, our next guest was vacationing with her family in Hawaii when she met another young girl on a dinner cruise. They became best friends for one night. After finding this photo of the two of them last week, she tweeted it out and asked the internet to […]

Do promise rings work?

Today on the show introverts dating, promise rings and (laughing) the topic you’ve all been waiting for…foot fetishes. BrockenCinderella is looking for a little dating advice. I’m 24, a happy introvert and happy single and I don’t get interested in people enough to make an effort very often. I recently have been seeing someone which […]

How To Find A CHINESE GIRLFRIEND | Interview With Chinese Girls (ENG SUB/CC)

Hey guys, it’s Victor Talking to Hot Asian Girls So, before you jump into the video, don’t forget to turn on YouTube subtitles And today we decided to explore a new topic. So, how can a foreign guy find a Chinese girfriend in China. Let’s ask Chinese girls What if a foreign guy just came […]

Is it worth to get back with your ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend?

Let’s start with the saying: “Never make the same mistake twice”. If someone uses this saying as an argument why they’re not going to return to the ex-partner that means they don’t know what they’re talking about. Let me explain to you the process that takes place at almost every breakup, excluding relationships where feelings […]