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RUSSIAN GIRLFRIEND: how to find online, what you should never do, Russia dating tips. Speak Russian

Hello everyone, this is Russian with Dasha. This video is going to be in Russian, if you speak English, please turn on the subtitles. Today we have a guest. Yes, this is Artyom from Russian Progress. Hello! Artyom, hi! If you are not familiar with Artyom – the link is in the description, go to […]

The Most Powerful Way To Bring A Man Closer (Even If He’s Pulled Away…)

Hey. It’s Clayton Olson. And in this video, we’re going to talk about the number one most powerful things you can do to bring him in closer even if he’s pulled away. And I’m bringing on a special guest, her name is Helena Hart. She’s got a Master’s in Psychology, and she’s a relationship coach […]

10 Time Management Tips For EXTREMELY Busy Men (That Actually Work!) | RMRS

10 Time Management Tips That Actually Work [0:00:00] In today’s video, we’re talking about ten time management tips that actually work. [Music] Tip number one. Make time to think. Notice I didn’t say find time to think. No, you’ve got to make it a party. You’ve got to know what do I want to get […]