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So the other day I was chatting to a friends and she came to me with a very particular problem, and when I was actually speaking to her I discovered that this problem actually wasn’t very unique to her and the situation was was, that she was about to go on a date with a guy a guy shoots sounds and she was very very attractive very interested in him and then all of a sudden before the date even on the day she messages are saying “I’m sorry I can’t make it… I have something on tonight that are completely forgot about.” and the problem I want to talk to you today about is the concept of “flaking.” So when a guy flakes on you, and this isn’t something that just happens to like, to girls, this is actually something happens to the guys as well. So if you’re a guy watching this, this is also for you, but if you’re watching this this might also you know be worth something. There is a distinction though because someone who flakes on you and someone who cancelled on you for a reason are two completely different things and normally you can tell because if someone actually flakes on you because they’re not that interested in you or they’re not actually quite sure about, you know, what’s actually going to happen or maybe they got something with their ex and that’s stopping them; they might give you some lame excuse or something that’s a bit more, kind of, a bit more up in the air a bit more vague.

She’s So Annoying…

Don’t cross off the street without me we’ll die. Nando’s it’s like a restaurant. Soo Is it a cool place to start the vlog in a taxis Anywho we’re in London guys.

I don’t know how we got here. There’s three places I want to go to Nando’s Mac because I don’t have any red lipliner You know this lipstick bedliner. It’s a makeup thing.

You don’t get it. So you might be wondering why we’re in gumball Oh, you might be wondering why we’re in London. We are going to gumball 3000 Rally it’s like a few trades going from London to France to Italy to Japan me and Brice and summer and Ricky and Alex and Tommy are all here for that and I’m super excited I’m sweating so bad So here is a London currency, it looks nice and clean, you know, I’m saying look at this dirty piece of video Smasher pass on this one I don’t know.

How To Convince Your Crush To UNBLOCK You

Heya playa, are you struggling with finding a way to convince your crush to unblock you? Whether they block you on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or via text, there is a way you can work towards getting them to unblock you so I’m going to share that with you right after this. This is The Josh Speaks.

You’re watching The Josh Speaks. For those of you that are new here my name is Josh and every single Monday through Friday, I make videos sharing tips, ideas and stories teaching you how to be your best self, now we’ve talked about getting blocked by your crush in the past. I’ve even shared a few tips as to what you can do, but today I want to focus solely on what to say to them.

How to Make Your Crush Stop Liking Someone Else


Heya playa, have you ever liked someone that actually had a crush on someone else? Should you just leave them alone and give up? Are your chances slim to none? I would say no.

In fact, I think there’s something you can do about it and I’ll explain what that is right after this. This is The Josh Speaks. You’re watching The Josh Speaks. In a lot of cases where you might have a crush on someone, the hardest part about doing something is doing something. Most of the time people are shy around their crush, they either don’t know how to start a conversation with them or if you guys are already friends they don’t know how to take it to the next level.

5 DATING Differences between Japan and Germany


Hey guys it’s me Cathy Cat. From Tokyo to you. Today speaking in German. If you don’t speak German, please be sure to click on the subtitles!

Today’s topic is the love life in Japan and the differences between Germans and Japanese. Well then. Let’s find out. What I noticed with many boys in Japan is that they generally seem to pay the restaurant bills. When boys take Japanese girls out for lunch or dinner, they tend to pay the bill.

They don’t only pay for their date or girlfriend, some also pay for their female friends, who they just see as friends. Which could make it difficult to see … if that guy wants something from you or not. Because the bill tends to be paid by most men in Japan either way.

Teaching Your Girlfriend Football

– So what don’t you know? – Everything. – One team gets the ball and they’re trying to score. – I’m not that dumb. – College is a little bit different from NFL. If I run that route, that’s a post. How many points is a touchdown worth? – Six. – That’s good, most people would’ve said seven. You run up 10 yards, come back, hitch. The extra point is one point.

How many points is a two-point conversion worth? – Two. (laughs) – Okay, you’d be surprised. You have four attempts to get 10 yards. Come up, hitch, keep going, hitch-n-go. That’s when you get ’em on the double move.



see this is my grandmother’s house and this is so like side country and see i’m bigger than the door okay by the way last night i did live streaming with my girlfriend Hattie huh and she was like so sad about live streaming because i actually built it up something Because i said my grandmother was not very uh i will just show you the video Last night Jin and Hattie’s insta Live He just told her that the grandma was not really supportive to our relationship. Jin built it up a whole thing Did you see the video!? in the instagram live streaming and actually my grandmother and my family here were super supportive about our relationship and they really loved her and they also watched youtube video about us and they really wanted to see her so i will probably invite her to this old house like when we have time by the way i thought this was gonna be really good revenge to her i could do revenge is this too mean!? no i think it’s good to say it after this that they are really supportive about her by the way i will go back to Seoul today we’ll see Grandma! ummm You know my girlfriend Hattie How do you think about her? I really think it’s really good. You don’t judge at all!?

How To NOT Be Shy (Around Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend)

Heya playa, if you just started a new relationship you may run into moments where you feel shy around your new boyfriend or girlfriend. It could be that you don’t know them that well yet, you’re afraid to make plans or you just don’t know what to talk to them about. Don’t worry though because in this video I’m gonna teach you how to not feel shy around your boyfriend or girlfriend.

This is The Josh Speaks. You’re watching The Josh Speaks. Sometimes we look at shyness as a kind of weakness. As if we don’t have what it takes to make our relationship great and because of that it’s just gonna fail.

How To Tell Someone You Have An STD | Planned Parenthood Video


So…you’ve got an STD. Guess what? So do lots of other people. Half of all people will get an STD at some point in their life. Seriously.

Not kidding—half. It’s ok. The point is lots of people deal with this stuff. And guess what—their lives are not over.

And their sex lives aren’t over either. Getting an STD doesn’t make you dirty or a bad person. You can totally live in normal, healthy life even if you have an STD.

Some STDs can be easily cured with antibiotics and some can be managed over time with treatment. Telling someone you have an STD might seem scary, but it’s important that you do. You can totally do this. It might be tempting to avoid a tough conversation with an ex or casual hook up.

When your boyfriend is Topper (with English Subtitles) | Hey Pilla | CAPDT


Guess that is Soniya. What is it dear, you are here? What are you doing here Come, have a seat, sit.

It’s been quite some time we met. how are you? I’m totally good. How are you? I’m good too.

I have stopped posting the sad quotes and emotional tiktoks. Fine. Why am I ain’t seeing you much these days?

There is a news. I’m getting married. It got fixed recently. He completed his Ph.D. and M.S. and other things too. He wanted to meet, so came here.