How To Let Go Of The Past | Self Care Sunday


one second before I forget this video has a very special secret announcement the art of not giving a shit I need a tissue. Hi guys and welcome to today’s episode of self-care Sunday. In today’s episode first off I’m feeling rather chatty for anyone new here self-care Sunday series is dedicated to just real life talk. I talk about things that matter to me beyond fashion and beauty.

I talk about life, I talk about experiences, I talk about different kinds of heartbreaks, friendships, relationships, I basically talk about all the things that are more life-centric, mental health awareness instead of what is otherwise just content. Also, even though I tend to do my makeup through this video, I don’t talk about the makeup in this particular series. I will link and list all of the makeup down below in the info box but my focus here is just to kind of have conversation with you keep things flowing in a manner where, I talk to you like friends because I say this so often and across so many of my videos but you guys really really are like my WEARfam. You are my virtual family, you are my friends out there and that’s why I always take make it a point to go through your comments and I take very seriously the feedback of the suggestions that you make and then I make videos according to that because I want to make sure that this is a two-way relationship, this is not just a one-way relationship, where I’m coming and throwing videos on you and leaving.

The “Over Sharing” Tweet That Upset People (And Why I’m More Private)


What’s up, y’all? It’s your homeboy and I got receipts. And this time around it’s on a much lighter topic, you know?

I’ve been working on some pretty serious videos and even right now I’m editing one that’s kind of stressful so I just wanted to take a– take a moment of my time to talk about my personal life and kind of, like– [laughs] It makes me laugh because this came out of nowhere, it’s so, like, non serious so I wanna, like, poke at it and show you guys how ridiculous Twitter is. [laughs] Now, as a lot of you guys know, I’m in a long-distance relationship with the beautiful Mina and we have a little tradition in which, before bed, I wake herup and I prepare my nighttime meal and she prepares her breakfast then we watch something on Netflix or something and then I go to sleep and she starts her day. You gotta have little cute traditions if you’re gonna be in an LDR. For those of you asking for tips for their own long-distance relationships, I highly encourage traditions like that and we go on FaceTime audio so, you know, you’re both on wi-fi, it’s completely free to do, and one of you has an Android