Daniel and Depression


Hello Internet. Today, I’d like to talk about something that I’ve never shared before. And I know that this may come as a shock to literally everyone, I’m sure, But I’ve suffered from depression, And I’m not gonna do an awkward laugh, because there’s nothing funny about that. What is wrong with me?

I haven’t talked about this before, because I’ve always felt like it was something I was still going through, Not something I was over and suddenly ready to talk about. Hey guys, I’m better. Who wants tips?

Dove Cameron Talks Descendants, Boyfriend Thomas Doherty, and More | 17 Questions


– That’s like still embarrassing to me. (laughing) I’m like 23, and I’m like, oh God. Poor small, sweet Chloe. Hey guys, I am Dove Cameron here to answer 17 questions with Seventeen. (upbeat music) Most embarrassing story. I’ve told this one a million times ’cause it is like the pentacle of embarrassment.

I’m so happy it happened to me because it taught me humility at a young age and how to laugh at myself truly, but (laughing). I was doing a musical in my like super small town. I was in the background and there was like a portion of the musical where everybody like freezes and the spotlight goes on the lead who was not me.

How Not To React When Your Child Is Gay


Sometimes, we just react to things and it’s not necessarily helpful. Today at Live On Purpose TV, how not to react when your child is gay. In an earlier video, I introduced you to Becky Mackintosh, a good friend of mine, you can link to that video right up here where we talked about some similar topics. Becky is a speaker and she’s an author and she has reasons to know how not to talk to your child who just came out of the closet.

Becky, you shared a little bit of your story in that previous video where your 24 year old son revealed to you that he was gay. This was after months, probably years, of his own thinking about this and trying to deal with it all by himself and agonizing over, how am I going to bring mom and dad in the loop if ever and he may have thought at times, no, I’m taking this to my grave, there’s no way I could ever tell my parents. There’s some helpful ways to react and there’s some less helpful ways to react, right? So what have you learned about that?

Why You Can’t Get A Date (While Other Guys Can)


When it comes to dating, there is a whole host of reasons why the situation does or doesn’t work out. And while you maybe able to pinpoint in particular situations why it didn’t go the way you wanted it to, there may be things that you’re doing that are standing in your way of securing that date. Hey guys, it’s Lindsay with The Attractive Man. And today, I’m gonna give you 5 Reasons Why Some Guys Seem to Always Get the Dates and Others Don’t. #5 And that is your appearance.

My Gynaecologist Quizzes My Boyfriend On The Female Body and Products!


Hello everybody! We’re on our way to the gynaecologist You may ask, why are you on the way to the gynaecologist? Well, she is going to quiz me today about all things female! Because last time, when she was making her video with her, she asked me: And Janik, do you have any questions for her?

And I said, no I know everything! So now, we are going to test it to see if it’s actually true Yes I am very excited, I think… I don’t know how you’re going to do… What do you think?

7 Dirty Things To Say To A Girl That Turns Her On


This is Tripp from TrippAdvice.com. Welcome to a special presentation. Today we are talking about the dirty things to say to a girl. Yes, I have some lines that you can just copy and use when you’re talking dirty to a girl.

This is something that can be used in many different situations. The point of why I made this video is because you do need to learn the dirty things to say to a girl. You need to learn the dirty talk, you need to get a little bit introduction to it because girls love dirty talk. They like it, it turns them on.


(low pitched disguised voice) – What does that– Sorry, what does that mean? (phone hanging up beeps) (thud) (thud) Wait, why is the bathroom door locked? Why’s it locked?! – Hello buddies of the internet. It’s Kawaii Kunicorn! – The YouTube guardian did say that I was gonna be hearing from the hacker again, but they said something about a package, not a message. (knocking at door) Okay, I dunno if I should open the door. This is really really weird.

RUSSIAN GIRLFRIEND: how to find online, what you should never do, Russia dating tips. Speak Russian


Hello everyone, this is Russian with Dasha. This video is going to be in Russian, if you speak English, please turn on the subtitles. Today we have a guest. Yes, this is Artyom from Russian Progress. Hello!

Artyom, hi! If you are not familiar with Artyom – the link is in the description, go to his channel, watch the video. Artyom and I will talk about relationships and Russian girls.

I very often receive direct messages. Guys write: “What should I do? I want to meet a girl, I need to learn Russian, how can I meet Russian girls, or Ukrainian girls who speak Russian? ” Do you think foreigners correctly think that the most beautiful girls are in Russia and Ukraine? Of course I think this is correct, yes. In Poland, too, beautiful girls, well, in general, Slavic girls are very beautiful.

The Most Powerful Way To Bring A Man Closer (Even If He’s Pulled Away…)


Hey. It’s Clayton Olson. And in this video, we’re going to talk about the number one most powerful things you can do to bring him in closer even if he’s pulled away.

And I’m bringing on a special guest, her name is Helena Hart. She’s got a Master’s in Psychology, and she’s a relationship coach that has also trained coaches in the relationship territory as well. And more importantly in all that, she’s a friend of mine and she teaches women how to be authentic and avoid playing any games or using manipulation to create a lasting love life. So, sit back and enjoy the video. Hi.

Japan VS Abroad: When to say “Please be my girlfriend”

Make the First Move

What? Don’t girls feel insecure then??? So they were just friends with benefits? “If you want to I COULD be your boyfriend.” I was like WTF Hey guys and girls on Ask Japanese it’s CathyCat and today I am joined by…

Hey guys it’s Hiroko from Hiroko TV! And this time again we want to do a little bit of Japanese love and dating talk with us. Since quite a lot of the guys watching here are curious how to speak to a Japanese girl, become friends or even have a J girlfriend We already talked about it, it’s not as easy.