Don’t Tell Chad I Have a Girlfriend

[Captions by Y Translator] Chad’s been giving bad jokes all morning, which tells me he’s nervous. Can you believe were sending our kids out in this? I can’t believe I’m going out in this. And Russell has made a cute little girlfriend. Please don’t show him.

Please don’t show what? Please don’t show Chad. Because he’ll tease you?

Yeah. Abby, what happened last night? Like 2:00, 3:00 in the morning, she’s feels sick as a dog, and she wakes up 7:00 in the morning, and she feels fine.

Baking with my boyfriend | Kibo’s first baking experience🧁[Gay Couple Lucas&Kibo]


Damn, you see it Be careful, it’s hot Hello guys We are going to make egg tart today This is an interesting theme vlog In my opinion Just in your opinion Because we got an oven Then the oven in China Actually it is not our A traditional way to cook foods Thus it is not very common Lucas: But now Kibo: Typically we will have an oven at home Yes Because it could bakes western-style pastries Like desserts Then I have been tried once Baked egg tart once Let Kibo do it today Because he is especially want to eat it Then he looked at me do it Then he said he wants to learn it When I’m not at home, he can bake by himself Today, I think you should try to do it by yourself Myself? I won’t guide you Ah? What do you mean won’t guide me? You mean like how much flour to add Should calculate all them by myself?

What To Do When Your Husband Hates You

This shouldn’t even be funny but I get asked this all the time and what am I supposed to do if my husband hates me? Let’s take that on in a serious way today. Kind of an interesting title today right?

What to do when your husband hate you? Now let’s take a look at this. Okay I believe and I’ve addressed this on some of the other videos on this channel actually, that we have a choice.

We always have a choice. When we interact with someone else, between love and hate. And I pick the word hate because people hate the word hate. But honestly, if it’s not a love choice, what is it? Yeah it’s going to be on this side one way or another.

What Type of Boyfriend is Each Zodiac Sign? Part-I


V.O.: Your zodiac sign often tells a lot about yourself. Starting from your personality to your social circle, they can even tell you how you are in relationships. Subscription: Before we figure out the virtue in your stars, click the subscribe button and ring the notification bell for more exciting content. Since there are 12 zodiac signs, we are going to do a two-part series for this topic. Here is part one of what type of boyfriend each zodiac sign is: Aries man (Sidereal: April 14 to May 14 | Tropical: March 21 to April 20) The First Soldier Ruled by Mars, the red planet, people under the sign of Aries are natural born leaders.

How I Learned Sign Language From My Deaf Boyfriend


hey guys Sign Duo here and today we’re gonna be talking about how I learned sign language from, well Ryan my boyfriend who is deaf hello hello can’t really see each other with Java in the middle a lot of you guys have been asking us questions about how to learn sign language, how I learned sign language so we’re gonna be talking about that when did I start learning sign language? I started learning when I met you and I was around 13 or 14 years old. When we met I I didn’t know any sign language. I might have known like the ABC’s just a little bit but even have them memorized at that point I don’t even see it as it being hard.

Being In A Relationship with a Narcissist

Emotionally and Sexually

Hey everybody, Happy Monday. Today we are going to talk about something that you have been asking for forever. And that is, What is it like to be in a relationship with a narcissist.

And how do we heal from it. And since I believe journalling can help many of us in our healing process, I just wanted to remind you that I offer journal prompts every Tuesday and Friday, Through my YouTube membership’s five dollar reward tier. And I have a journal, ‘Getting my shit together’, Available for sale as well.

Young Girl Sets Up 13 Year Old Boyfriend To See If He’ll CHEAT


[Captions by * Lovely Lily *] Hey guys. [Captions by Judy V. at Y Translator] So I haven’t done one of these in a while. And I came across this video of this little girl, setting up her boyfriend to see if he’ll cheat. So we got the whole family here. We got the Mom, the older sister and the little sister. And the little sister, she’s like 12 years old.

She just got a boyfriend. She wanted to make sure that he was the one, that he’s loyal. And he ain’t gonna cheat on her. And so she’s gonna put him to the test. So they hired another little girl-to flirt with him and see what he does.



Excuse me how long has this been going on? How long have y’all been dating? – Like three years. – Three years? – Yea just about Hello everybody and welcome to my vlog right now You are listening to my intro song in just about two seconds the show will go on one, uh, two, you idiot Hey good morning and welcome to another scottysire vlog be sure to like the video if you think you’re going to enjoy it which of Course you will because it’s my vlog. Also you may be wondering why I’m fully dressed right now That’s because I like to be prepared for absolutely everything and anything at all times. Are you prepared for this? It’s “Two Hats” beer It’s light cheap and tasty. wait what? it’s five o’clock somewhere wait.

How Being Introverted Can Get You Girls – ANYONE Can Do It


Yo Gentlemen’s Game back. So, the other day a subscriber left a comment on a post saying “Please do a video for introverts who have a hard time getting girls. I am one of them! I think that your videos are mostly for extroverted men who find it easy to talk and flirt with total strangers.” This was actually a topic I’ve been meaning to do a video on for a while, so why not now. People, or I should almost say SOCIETY, seem to have this idea that the only way to be successful with women is to be this smooth outgoing, extroverted, guy.

How To Help A Partner With Depression


How to Help a Partner With Depression As anyone suffering from depression can attest, not only can it be an ordeal to endure, but it can also happen to anyone. According to statistical research from the World Health Organization, depression affects over 300 million people worldwide, and it is estimated that 15 percent of all adults will experience depression at some point in their lives. In spite of its prevalence, depression is surrounded by a number of misconceptions and stigmas about what the illness entails; this can make it difficult for people with depression to feel as though they’re voices are being heard.