The BEST Second Date Idea

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Tripp Kramer here from What I’m going to talk about on today’s video is the second best date idea which I will tell you in just a second. You probably read it below in the comments, but I don’t want you to just hear the date idea and then move on.

There’s a reason why this kind of date is the best for a second date which, maybe I’m giving it away here, most people think is the best first date idea. I’m going to explain why that is not true in my opinion and we’ll go into what you can do to make this second date awesome. What is the best second date? The best second date that you can go on with a girl is dinner.

ASMR Voice: Standstill [M4A] [Comfort for depression] [Shut-in]

Honey, I’m back! Look what I bought! A load of your favorite ice cream! Baby? Hmm.

Now, where is my love? [Oh, they’re in bed.] [I guess they must’ve gone to bed early?] [It’s not-] [It’s not too late, though, is it?] [Nope, pretty early, still.] [Now, why does this room appear just as I left it this morning?] [And the rest of the house, too.] [No dishes in the kitchen, nothing] [eaten, nothing cooked.] [Hmm.] [Weird.] [Hmm, are they even okay?] [Ah, I hope they’re not sick.] [I better check on ’em.] [Let me switch on the bedside lamp.] [This shouldn’t wake ’em.] [I’ll just check their forehead, and nope.] [Not running a temperature.] [They’re literally wearing the same clothes, too.] [Why is the pillow wet?] [Wait, I think they’re awake.] [Did they just turn away from me?] [Oh my God, this has been-] [This has been going on for days.] [And I can’t bear to see them go through this.] S- sweetie? I know you’re awake. Baby? Turn around? Face me, please?

How to Ask A Girl to Hangout Over Text (STEAL THIS!)

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So you’re texting the girl you like and you want to ask her to hangout… But if you’re like most guys, you’re probably doing the following: plotting the perfect way to ask her to hangout Waiting for (say this really sarcastically) “the right time” Stalking her social media and seeing if she has any plans so you can wait to ask her when she’s free Texting her everyday like she’s your fucking penpal and not making any sort of move Overthinking your situation and thinking your unique situation with the girl is special even though I promise you… iT’S NOT! Brooooo… it’s not that complicated. Stop taking dating advice from your school friends who get no pussy.

5 Ways To Heal A Marriage After Emotional Abuse


Unfortunately abuse happens and sometimes that’s emotional abuse within a marriage. I’ve got 5 ways that you can heal a marriage after emotional abuse. Stay tuned.

Unfortunately, the abuse happens. We hurt each other. I love the way Desmond Tutu put this. He said, we are all broken and from that brokenness, we hurt each other. It’s going to happen, right?

Even in a marriage, this is a place where you should experience love and acceptance and joy and bliss and all that great stuff that you got married for in the first place. But because we’re human, we tend to hurt each other and emotional abuse can happen. Now, I’m not justifying or saying that it’s okay to emotionally abuse someone. But the topic of this video is how are we going to recover from that.

Falling For Someone You Can’t Have

Have you ever fallen for someone you can’t have? Maybe it was someone who was already in a relationship or married? Maybe it was someone who you really liked but they just didn’t like you back, or maybe it was someone who lives so far away that there was just a very low chance it was ever going to work out.

I want you to keep watching this video if that’s you because I’m going to talk about why it is that we sometimes fall for people that we can’t have, secondly how it can even be self-sabotage sometimes, and lastly how you can avoid it going forward. I’m Ben Alexander from The Legends Academy we helped men with their confidence dating and relationships and financial freedom and today we’re talking about why we sometimes fall for people that we can’t have. Now the reason that this happens is because you have convinced yourself that that person that you’re falling for is your only chance or your only option or your best option.

How to Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend?


It is amazing how the two of you made it this far. Looking back, it seems hard to believe how you went through all those dramas. Unfortunately, your relationship has finally ended. A sigh of relief and grief fills the air.

It makes you wonder, “How can I mend my broken heart?” Your girlfriend has shared the best years of your life. It is just sad to think that the relationship is over. You knew that this is coming but no one has ever told you about the pain that it caused. She is an amazing person but the break up has been finalized. You realized that it is about time to find a new girlfriend but the memory of her still lingers in your bed.

Here’s How To Avoid Annoying The Girl You Like

Talk to a Guy

On today’s video we’re talking about how to avoid annoying the girl that you like because when you annoy her, it’s gonna be much more difficult for her to become attracted to. You have to make sure that you avoid anything at all costs in terms of being annoying and I got a little list of things that you can do so you’re not annoying any girl that you ever talk to. Let’s get into it. One of the most common things that annoys girls and as much as common sense as this might seem, I see guys do this all the time and it’s texting over and over and over.

Bitch bribed midwife to massage my belly every day, causing my unborn baby to die in my belly


You whore. Are you trying to scald me? I know my wrong. I will be careful next time. Mistress, Eunuch Jin Zhong is here.

Greetings to Mistress Ling. You leave. – Yes. Newly stewed red dates bird’s nest soup.

I serve you, Mistress Ling. Come. His Majesty didn’t visit you lately and you’re mad?

What is there to be mad about? It’s my first child but it can’t compare to Empress’s auspicious fetus His Majesty can’t spare thought on me and that’s a given. Astrological omen of being auspicious. His Majesty is so happy and that’s a good thing.

Date With Interviewer | Ft. Shreya Gupto & Parikshit Joshi | RVCJ | Tinder


Yes sir, yeah certainly, bye! Hello! Good evening ma’am! What Roshni, why do you keep on calling me ma’am? So many times I have asked you to call me with my name Sorry ma’am, I mean Poornima Good This is the list for F2F interviews for tomorrow.

There is only one tomorrow. Tomorrow I have a client lunch at Cafe Tulip. So should I ask the candidate to meet you there only after your meeting? Great! Works… completely Wow you are looking quite beautiful today.

Which Nickname Is Perfect for You?

Alright take this test to find out which nickname is perfect for you Do you or did you ever have a nickname it can add some secrecy to your life and be a great conversation starter? You’ll want to know why someone is called mr.. Silly pants, right? Brightside will help you find a nickname which is perfect for you based on your personality You will answer 10 questions and get points for each of your choices Take a sheet of paper and a pencil or start a note on your smartphone to calculate your points Ready Steady Go Alrighty here’s number 1 pick a coffee let’s start with an easy one how about a cup of coffee pick one of these yummy options a Regular fresh brewed coffee be Express all see I actually prefer t-d caramel latte and II unicorn Frappuccino Wow they grind up a unicorn for that no way All right a is 40 points B is 30 points C 10 points D 20 points e 50 points Number to choose a dog breed So choose a dog breed you find the most appealing a Husky, be Golden Retriever see Jack Russell terrier D. Chinese Crested dog e greyhound a Is 40 points B is 10 points C is 20 points D is 50 points and E is 30 points Number three which outfit would you prefer? You are what you wear, or was it you are what you eat anyway pick an outfit you feel most comfortable in a a suit be anything comfortable and durable See pajamas D. My Instagram.