Alright! Couples’ First Anniversary ft. Kriti Vij & Pranay Manchanda


Guys, please do SUBSCRIBE to ALRIGHT Wait, wait.. Let me pull this for you Thank you! Wow! Listen.. What’s this fragrance?

Are you cooking Manchurian? Leave my hand Varun I’ve to keep an eye on the food or else it’ll get burnt What about the moment which’ll be ruined if you leave? You’re clearly into drama Too dramatic! Varun..

We share such an amazing bond It’s been a year & we’ve never fought Yeah But, don’t you feel petty fights are healthy for a relationship Wow! What do you think? That is very sweet of you That too 4 days prior to our anniversary I’m guessing it’s a countdown cake Oh, I love this! But I can’t see “4 days to go” written anywhere Varun.. I wanted to talk about something My brand has been selected for the Blight Fashion Week Oh my God, that’s great!

How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You FAST

Meet a Girl

Hey, Tripp here from, teaching you how to get the girl while still being your genuine self. And today, we’re talking about how to make a girl fall in love with you and how to do it fast. When a girl falls in love with you, it’s usually at the time when you guys are in a relationship together, so love comes at the point where you guys have been seeing a lot of each other, maybe you’ve been dating for a few months, at least a few weeks, but love happens a little bit down the line. Now before you get to that part, you’ve got to make sure that a girl is at least interested in you, she’s attracted to you, that she likes you, and I want to show you a video that you can get right here, and that’s the How to Attract a Girl series, so that is actually a full series that I have on my YouTube channel that you can watch and it will teach you how to get a girl attracted to you, and how to get her to like you.

Why Is My Wife Never Happy – Constantly Angry Wife | Paul Friedman

Hi, my name is Paul Friedman. I am the founder of The Marriage Foundation and this is obviously for guys and it is “Why Is My Wife Never Happy Constantly Angry Wife” and I’m gonna tell you and you may not appreciate this but it’s very important for you to know so you can do something about it. Now look, it does happen from time to time that women who are subject just like men are to various mental issues she might be a victim of depression, she might be uncontrolled in her anger she may have a real problem. A lot of people have anger problems and I have to ask you right off the bat, do you, are you angry? Do you react to her anger?

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back | Easy Steps To Win Back Your Ex Girlfriend


You finally found the girl of your dreams, you just didn’t know it yet, and so you royally screwed things up. Or maybe you did know she was your one and only, and she left you for another dude. That’s brutal!

Going through a breakup can be really tough and heartbreaking, but thankfully I’m gonna help you get her back. I’m Matt Artisan from The Attractive Man and this is how to get your Ex back. We’ve done all the testing, you know what works. Yo, before we start, make sure to subscribe to this channel so that I can let you know about all of our upcoming videos. First the word of warning; most of the time when a relationship ends it’s best to learn from your mistakes and move on.

Does Your Ex Still Love You? Love Personality Test | Mister Test


Hello! Welcome to Mister Test! How are you? I hope you are doing well.

I’m great because I’m back and because I have a new quiz… for those who have an ex and for those who are thinking a little bit too much about those exes. Are you one of them? Do you have many exes?

Please let me know below but that’s not the point! The point is that if you think you may have a crush on your ex this quiz is perfect for you. It will help you to understand if your ex is thinking of you too, if he/she wants you back. You will have to answer eight questions, keep track of your points and then find your result at the end as always Are you ready? If so, let’s play!

How to be a Good Boyfriend

Emotionally and Sexually

So you finally have a girlfriend. So what now? What can you do in order to become a good boyfriend?

It is not enough to successfully seduce the girl. You also have to learn how to keep them by your side. Do you have what it takes to keep your lover? Having the good practices and traits of a good boyfriend could increase your chance of making your loving relationship last.

Make your lover happy with her choice. That choice is you! When you possess the qualities of a good boyfriend, she will be mesmerized by your presence. She will want to spend more quality time with you.

How to Help Someone with Depression – What Actually Helped Me!

Welcome everyone to “depression to expression” My name is Scott and today We’re talking about how to help someone that you know with depression And this is this is what the channel is all about depression, anxiety if you’re new welcome Don’t forget to subscribe and please leave a comment and a like if you enjoyed this video I’m gonna get right to it because as Millennials our attention spans are very very short So I’m gonna try to make this quick helping someone with depression has to be one of the most selfless things you yourself can do because You can’t expect anything in return if you know a little bit about depression or you yourself have experienced it You know that you can just snap out of it. You can’t ask someone or motivate someone to snap out of it When when helping someone with depression it’s a pretty simple video because there is way more things that don’t work Then things that do The things that you can do to help someone with depression are very short And I’m gonna talk about them in just one second, but the first thing. I want to mention is you can’t expect anything in return you can’t The way you help them you’re not gonna get maybe any acknowledgement from them you may not even get a response or a thank you You have to trust in yourself that what you’re doing is the most incredible thing and that person you’re helping at that moment owes you their life Their life is in your hands and trust me we appreciate it more than you will ever know and I’m sure will tell you that when we come out of depression But for now, I just want you to know that one thing is helping someone with depression requires the most unconditional kind of love And complete selflessness with absolutely no expectations to get anything in return So that’s one thing kind of me saying I’m amazed by you, and I’m so proud of you for even clicking on this video and wanting to help a friend family member someone out with this illness and the second thing is there’s a few things you can do to help someone with depression How about a survey? Do you think that giving someone a million dollars in cash while they’re on the couch depressed?

How To Give A Girl A Massage

Tripp Kramer here from Today, I have the lovely Audrina the masseuse and the lovely Sylvia who is going to be the recipient of a massage today because you’ll be learning how to give a girl a massage. We’re going to be going over some really awesome techniques.

Whether you met a girl for the first time or she’s your girlfriend or she’s your wife, these techniques are amazing. Thank you for being here and thank you for being here. My name is Audrina and I’ve been massaging for a little over six years and I want to tell you guys that a lot of you men don’t know how to give a proper massage.

The Real Reason She Left You And How To Win Her Back


Want to know the real reason she left you and how you can win your ex-girl back? Whatever relationship crimes you’ve committed, the reason your ex left you boils down to one simple fact: she’s no longer attracted to you. In this video I’m going to tell you how to rebuild the attraction she’s lost for you with the aim of winning her back. Hi, I’m Emily Raymond and I’m a relationship and breakup guru dedicated to helping guys win back their gals. A fellow breakup expert said it well when he stated “Attraction isn’t a choice”.

Dolly Parton Didn’t Let Elvis Sing “I Will Always Love You”

-Oh, my goodness! Dolly, I’m so thrilled to have you here. -Thank you! I have been looking so forward to being with you. -You look like a million dollars every single time. -Well, that’s about how much it costs. -Oh, good.

That’s the price tag on it. -Yeah. -This is such a cool project. Your songs — You’ve always been a great storyteller in your songs. And now you’ve adapted eight of the songs into teleplays that are going to be on Netflix. Is this an idea you’ve had for a long time, to make them more narrative? -Well, I’ve always loved to write story songs, and I always thought I’d love to see my songs up on-screen, and so, now, Netflix fell for it. -They fell for it, huh? -They fell for it.