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湖南衛視青春進行時ENG SUB【Qing Qing Zi Jin 青青子衿】EP11 | Starring: 范世錡、吕小雨领衔主演

You are the one who just opened the door if not Don’t step on my land It’s already time Why isn’t the little monkey coming? She’s weird Let you lie to her all day She’s fine if she doesn’t kill you Can you continue to lie? You idiot What do you know what Even if […]

Man With No Money Says Ex-Girlfriend Is A Gold-Digger (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. -Hello, Your Honor. -Hello. This is the case of<i> Campbell v. McCier.</i> Thank you, Jerome. Good day, everyone. [audience] Good day. Mr. Campbell, you are here today because you say your ex-girlfriend is nothing but a conniving, gold-digging cheater… -[audience gasps] -…whose goal is to pin her nine-month-old son Legacy on you […]

Every Girlfriend’s Talk Show Ever (Part 2 of 2) – SNL

-Someday, I’m gonna have a boyfriend, and he will be as well-behaved, noble, and physically strong as my male guinea pig, Jean-Philippe. -I thought Jean-Philippe ate all your grandma’s heart medicine. -Yeah. We tried to make him throw it up, but he was too proud. ♪♪ -Oh, my God. Hi. -♪ Girlfriends talking about guys […]

How to be confident in dating as a flat-chested, skinny girl *life-changing tips*

In this video, I’m gonna talk about dating and being in relationships from the perspective of a skinny and flat-chested girl, and I will also give you 7 tips to feel more confident and sexy in front of the opposite sex or when you’re in a relationship. Hello my love, welcome back to my channel. […]