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3 Questions To Ask If You & Your Partner Fight Constantly (Makes Your Relationship Healthier)

In this video I’m gonna talk about couples fighting and how to argue in a relationship, how to enter into a fight into a relationship; or resolve, really the alchemist to resolve a situation where there’s a conflict between you and your partner. Now a lot of conflicts escalate because when two people get into […]

Do promise rings work?

Today on the show introverts dating, promise rings and (laughing) the topic you’ve all been waiting for…foot fetishes. BrockenCinderella is looking for a little dating advice. I’m 24, a happy introvert and happy single and I don’t get interested in people enough to make an effort very often. I recently have been seeing someone which […]

How To Deal With Anger And Frustration In A Relationship

Our relationships are sometimes characterized by anger and frustration. As I share with you today how to deal with anger and frustration in a relationship, you’re going to notice something you may not have expected. If you’re like me and I think you might be because you’re here on our channel. It’s easier to remember […]