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RUSSIAN GIRLFRIEND: how to find online, what you should never do, Russia dating tips. Speak Russian

Hello everyone, this is Russian with Dasha. This video is going to be in Russian, if you speak English, please turn on the subtitles. Today we have a guest. Yes, this is Artyom from Russian Progress. Hello! Artyom, hi! If you are not familiar with Artyom – the link is in the description, go to […]

How To Find A CHINESE GIRLFRIEND | Interview With Chinese Girls (ENG SUB/CC)

Hey guys, it’s Victor Talking to Hot Asian Girls So, before you jump into the video, don’t forget to turn on YouTube subtitles And today we decided to explore a new topic. So, how can a foreign guy find a Chinese girfriend in China. Let’s ask Chinese girls What if a foreign guy just came […]